Mom of 3, brutally attacked in her own home just for being overweight...

Bizarrely Melts 37 Pounds of Body Fat With An Unusual 7 Minute Mind Focus Method

Without dieting, without exercise and without any special supplements or weight loss "drink" to help her...


Her worst nightmare came true that day.

Angela was ATTACKED in her own home.

SMASHED across the face with a laptop.

Then brutally violated by a masked intruder.

If only she had been able to run up the stairs….

If only she’d somehow managed to lose that weight that her doctor told her to…

She’d have been able escape the intruder, lock herself in the bathroom for just a few more minutes and call the police.

Instead, the excess weight she was carrying…

Slowed her down, reducing her attempt at escape to a panting, puffing crawl…


Making it so easy for the masked, mocking impostor to catch her in a matter of seconds.

And promptly VIOLATE her in her own home

What happened next may be an unusual story for you to hear…

Yet it led to the astonishing discovery of a 7 minute subliminal method that can program your subconscious mind to make your body slimmer, more energetic and much healthier.

This simple yet powerful subliminal MIND method takes only 7 minutes

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It’s a method so effective that it actually saved the life of Angela Ross, a 48 year old Mother of three…

From a lifetime of lethal belly fat, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart disease…

And it did this without any kind of dieting, surgery, extreme exercises or medication…

It’s true. Angela, a legal assistant from Jackson, Michigan, melted 37 pounds of dangerous belly fat in just 7 weeks…

And completely transformed her body, her attractiveness and her self-esteem…

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And in doing so, enhanced her heart health, reversed her pre-diabetic blood sugar problems and eliminated her high blood pressure.

And guess what? Elite Hollywood actors and successful pop stars are already secretly using this very same non-diet method to get in shape fast in order to shoot a movie or before a big event such as The Oscars.

High performing sportsmen have been using it to enhance performance for competitions. Their secret is finally out and you’ll see why in just 2 minutes from now.

It’s a method that’s so simple you don’t even have to lift a finger…

You just sit back and let it happen while your sub-conscious mind does all the work…

Once you follow this 7 minute subliminal method, your sub-conscious brain will whir into action behind the scenes,


Energizing your body to SHED all the weight you want on autopilot, effortlessly….

What’s more her 51 year old construction worker husband Jeff followed the exact same method…

And incredibly lost 18 pounds of dangerous abdominal fat….

While increasing his muscle tone, boosting his energy and restoring his male vitality to levels he hadn’t had since he was in his 20s.


My name is Sam Stuart and if you’re thinking that’s too good to be true, then hear me out for just a minute.

I for one was skeptical when I first heard about it too.

I’m about to share with you the unusual story of how I stumbled upon this breakthrough weight loss method

I discovered it while volunteering as an English teacher in the remote Mayan villages of Mexico.

It’s a breakthrough that has since helped 53,185 regular women and men of all ages to shed their dangerous belly fat

Without using surgery, pills, extreme diets, crazy exercise plans

or even setting foot in an expensive gym or drinking some insane weight loss drink.

If you’re sick and tired of the latest fad diets, of hearing how some magic powder will miraculously help you melt away fat…

How nothing ever works to lose weight…

or if you’re frustrated because you can never stick to a diet for longer than 3 weeks…

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Stick with me for the next few minutes of this short article and I’ll reveal this weight loss ritual to you

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While at the same time enhancing your energy, vitality and cognitive performance in just days…

Just like Jennifer, 39 from New Orleans did, when she lost 17 pounds in 27 days.


Or Michael, 46 from Oklahoma who lost 25 pounds and reversed his prediabetic condition, leaving his doctor astounded…


And Maria Reyes, 68, from near Buffalo, whose doctor told her she had to lose weight or risk a heart attack….


She says: “Sam, it’s been nothing short of miraculous. All I did was sit back and follow the method you gave me in your video for a few days and I started to lose weight just the next morning. It’s been 7 weeks now and I feel 10 years younger and I’ve had to buy a whole new set of clothes that fit!"

AND as a special bonus, in just a minute or two I’m also going to expose how the one biggest undetected cause of weight gain, chronic fatigue, bloating and brain fog…


Is the real cause of belly fat in millions: 2 specific veggies that nearly every nutritionist or media expert is telling you to eat every day…but which in reality are sabotaging any attempt you make to improve your health, weight and energy…

Causing internal devastation to your metabolism, immune system, digestion and even to your mind.

As well as the 7 minute afternoon ritual…

I’m also going to reveal to you exactly how you can reverse this number 1 cause of weight gain…

A dangerous hidden condition which is altering your emotions and causing you to desperately crave sugar like an addict

And I’ve helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world enhance their health with this breakthrough 7 minute method.

First of all I want you to know if you’ve tried a thousand times to lose weight…and failed every single time…it’s absolutely not your fault.

In fact, millions of other Americans are suffering from what medical researchers now call: repressed emotional weight gain.

Weight gain that is proven to be linked to your mind and your emotional state rather than your genetics or the foods you eat…


And results in the infamous yo-yo dieting that we are all too familiar with. And it’s spreading like wildfire.

And of course, these days we all know someone who’s 20 pounds overweight…

But this pales in comparison when it comes to my sister in law, Angela…

Who fought her way back after being BRUTALIZED in her own home, from the brink of death and divorce to lose 37 pounds using this very 7 minute method…

She eliminated her cravings, loves eating good food, is full of energy and vitality…and even managed to reverse her prediabetic condition.

I’ll tell you her story in just a minute.

And while the weight loss industry heavyweights all know that this shocking, huge single root cause of obesity is now rife in the western world…

They make far more money out of you by selling you the latest diet pill, fad diet or extreme exercise program…

Which they know you’re never going to follow anyway.

Because following any diet is just impossible unless you first eliminate this cause of weight gain, rooted deeply in your mind…

A root cause that until now, has been hidden away.

And I’ll bet nobody ever told you that did they?

It’s absolutely true and I’ll show you the proof in just a moment…

So pay close attention.

Because if you ever find yourself:

  • Craving chocolate, cake, cookies, ice cream or other sweet foods
  • Salivating at the thought of a buttery pastry, bun or dessert
  • Eating much more of that delicious pie or pudding than you said you would
  • Comforting yourself with food if you’ve had a tough day or if you’re feeling lonely, bored or stressed
  • Trying to follow a diet but ultimately FAILING or piling the weight back on a few months later

Then you are unaware that you’re infected with this silent mind-altering cause of weight gain that is now affecting millions…

That manipulates your mind to eat too many of those foods that make you fat…

And the next few minutes of this article will be the most important of your life.

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Because you’re about to find out:

  • How this 7 minute afternoon method can reprogram your subconscious mind to a slimmer, healthier and younger looking you.
  • How following this new breakthrough method can break down and eliminate the toxic, dangerous fat that surrounds your internal organs…
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  • How by eliminating that lethal fat you can prevent and control the biggest modern killer diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure…
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I’m also going to share with you the biggest weight loss breakthrough which science now confirms…

Is nothing to do with your genetics, exercise habits or even the foods in your kitchen right now

And everything to do with your mind and your emotions.

Like I said, my name is Sam Stuart. I’m a husband and father to 3 wonderful children.

I’m also a Christian, and every year I spend 1 month of my summer as a volunteer English teacher in underprivileged countries around the world.


And just last year, I went to a remote Mayan region of Mexico for a month

Which is where I discovered this unusual belly fat destroying breakthrough, which I’m going to reveal to you in just a minute.

I want you to know that I’m just a regular guy and in fact there’s not much difference between you and me…

I just had the good fortune to cross paths with an unconventional formula that transforms the bodies of those who use it quickly and without any effort.

And now I’m spreading this method across the world for every decent, honest person to get this method in his or her hands.

Why am I doing this? Now, let’s go back to where we started.

A couple of years ago everything was going pretty well.

The thing is…I was feeling terrible about one thing.

See, my sister in law, Angela, a 48 year old mother of three, was 40 pounds overweight…

Constantly exhausted and at high risk of dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, stroke and heart disease.

Her joints constantly ached and she couldn’t for the life of her stick to any diet.

Her self-esteem was at rock bottom.

And, no matter what diet she followed or what exercise plan she’d try to follow, she constantly failed to stick to them.


She found it tough to lose a single pound of weight and when she did, she’d only put it back on a few weeks later.

She’d gotten to the point where she felt like her weight controlled her entire life.

You may have felt like this yourself at times and let me tell you, you’re not alone.

I’ve seen plenty of others around me who follow a familiar pattern.

They lose weight only to gain it all back and more a few months later and end up frustrated and depressed.

And that includes followers of any of the current systems such as Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, Jenny Craig and others like Nutrisystem.

All these guys know that most people who follow their programs put the weight back on after a few months.

You’ll understand why in just a minute…

This story of how I discovered this 7 minute weight loss ritual all began when Angela was ATTACKED in her own home…

I’ll spare you the details of what happened but you can imagine just how brutal, terrifying and horrific it was for poor Angela as she was pinned down on the bathroom floor and VIOLATED.

To make it even worse, just a few weeks earlier Angela’s doctor had told her it was imperative for her to lose weight.

Her life depended on it, and if she failed to lose at least 30 pounds, a stroke or an unexpected heart attack could kill her instantly.


This dangerous deep fat could suddenly take out Angela any minute like a bullet from a shotgun.

Leaving her kids to grow up without the mother they loved and depended on so much.

Angela, like most people, was completely unaware that the fat surrounding her internal organs…

Put her at grave danger from diseases such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer.

The diets she followed recommended her to drink more water, stop eating carbs, avoid high fat and high calorie foods, and control her portion sizes.

Even with all this advice she was receiving and several different supplements she was taking…

Her energy levels were not increasing, and her body was not changing at all

It wasn’t her fault.

She’d been following conventional diet advice from doctors, nutritionists and the weight loss industry for years.

Yet here she was, more overweight than she’d ever been, her confidence was at rock bottom…her self-esteem SHATTERED.


And she tried all the methods to slim down: cardio fitness programs, so-called fat burning drinks, probiotic powders….

Angela would lose some weight but would always put it back on, and some more, just a few weeks later!

All I knew was, diets were FAILING her and leaving her body and her metabolism broken.

And now to cap it off, this brutal, shocking tragedy.

She struggled and resisted at first but the intruder was physically strong and restrained her easily…

Angela closed her eyes….”Just shut it out, shut it out”…she kept telling herself. She went to another place in her head to block out the pain.

When it was finally over after what seemed to be hours…the intruder got up and made to leave.


You should be happy for the attention fatty. Did you enjoy that?

The man was sneering and sniggering as he made off.

Angela felt the hot tears pouring down her face as she sobbed uncontrollably on the bathroom floor.

Her distress was so intense, so painful

I remember the day well. It was a crispy Friday morning in late October and I’d just dropped my daughter Josie off at school,

And when I was walking back I received a call from my wife, Angela’s sister…Angela had been violently ATTACKED in her own home

I rushed to the hospital to find her blubbing uncontrollably on her hospital bed, and get this….

Blaming HERSELF for what had happened.

“If only I’d been able to run just a bit faster”. She told me. “He caught me so easily”.

“I never thought it’d happen to me, never. I have no idea why….”

I held my head in disbelief…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Was she actually saying that being cruelly ATTACKED and VIOLATED was her fault?

And guess what…Angela did not EVEN want to report the crime because she thought the cops would never believe her.

Yet if you think this is bad, what happened a few weeks after that was possibly the WORST and most DESPICABLE thing you can imagine…

Now before I go any further you should understand that telling this painful story to you is extremely hard for me and right now I have a huge lump in my throat.

See, when I was a student before I became a teacher I was a fitness instructor in my spare time.

I was able to use the knowledge I’d gained during those years to keep myself in fairly good shape as I got older.

I was also able to help my wife stay healthy and slim too.

Angela had been constantly asking me to help her for the past year.

Her weight had gotten dangerously out of control and advice from doctors, nutritionists and dieticians was FAILING her.

Yet whatever I tried: various types of diet, cardio, eliminating carbs, sugar, alcohol… it just wouldn’t work!

There was one time I managed to help Angela lose about 8 pounds by getting her to improve her habits.

But just 3 weeks later she’d gained all the weight back again and more!

I felt so guilty about it. I had no solution for her yo-yo dieting.

That is, until I discovered the weight loss breakthrough

As part of a volunteer program, I was offered to teach English for a month at schools in a remote, mountainous Mayan region of Mexico.

Of course, I jumped at the chance.

This would be a phenomenal opportunity to help young people and adults learn English and improve their chances in life.

And maybe I’d get to learn about the fascinating ancient Mayan culture.

Now this region of Mexico is home to the ancient indigenous Maya people who arrived there many thousands of years ago.

When I got there, it was great.

The people were very nice to me, they smiled a lot, they never complained and the food was delicious.

Sure, it wasn’t the same as back home and I was working with underprivileged schools, but I wasn’t one bit put out by that.

I was enjoying it out there.

Until one day after about 2 weeks of working on the job, I was just finishing my morning’s work…

And that’s when it happened….

Angela called me, screaming, panicking and desperate.

Her husband Jeff had just dropped a bomb and told her he was walking out and leaving her.

He wanted a divorce. Right away.

Angela had been struggling with her weight for several years…

She was constantly stressed, had low energy, was often bloated after her meals, she sometimes got skin rashes and suffered from mood changes.

And worse, a few weeks earlier, she told my wife she just wasn’t interested in being intimate with her husband anymore and hadn’t been for a couple of years.

Her husband Jeff had been getting more and more frustrated, she said.

He would even think she was having an affair when in reality, her libido was at rock bottom and she was just ashamed of her body.

Ashamed to be naked in front of her husband.

It wasn’t like when they were young, full of vitality and much slimmer, when they enjoyed being together so much.

Back then, they could be intimate every day. Nowadays, Angela just didn’t feel the desire.

She knew this put a heavy strain on her marriage. Would Jeff leave her?

Something else she was worried about were her kids. What would happen to them?


Macy, the youngest, was only 6 years old and her parents were the rocks of her young life.

What would young Macy do without her beloved Mommy and Daddy?

So when Jeff told her it was over, that he was leaving and that he wanted a divorce, it hit her like heavy freight train at full speed...

After being ASSAULTED in her own home, as if that wasn’t enough, now her husband wanted OUT. He was done with her…

She called me that day in the worst state imaginable, suffering from a full-blown panic attack, her heart pounding in her chest…

Hyperventilating and on the point of collapsing…


And she spent that night in ER at the hospital. The doctors on duty had said that it wasn’t a heart attack, it was a scare. Boy, was I relieved…

She was able to leave the next day but the doctor told her she had to lose at least 30 pounds of weight in the next 6 months

Or there was an 80% chance of suffering a full-blown heart attack.

I felt terribly guilty that I couldn’t help her…

See, I was at a loss not only did she have a serious, potentially lethal weight problem that could kill her at any minute, but now her weight gain had taken her to the brink of divorce.

That afternoon as I took a 5 minute break from work, another teacher, Roberto, asked me why I was looking so glum.


“You look so down”, he said… “What on earth is wrong?”

I told him about Angela, her struggle with weight, how she’d been VIOLATED in her own home, how I felt powerless to help her, and how terribly guilty it made me feel.

“Don’t be hard on yourself”. He said.

“You’re not the first one around here….”

“You should head over to the indigenous villages and meet Sai. He helps people with their weight.

“He even succeeds with people who have been overweight all their lives.”

I immediately started paying attention. “He helps people lose weight?” I said.

He then told me about a cluster of villages 30 minutes’ walk away whose inhabitants had exceptional health markers.


They were lean, fit, young-looking and lived beyond 90 or even 100 years old, almost every single one of them.

To this day, he told me, Sai has helped nearly ten thousand villagers from these areas become slim and healthy, energetic and young looking.

If there’s a reason people over there live such long, healthy lives and look much younger than their real age, it’s because of what he’s doing.

It turns out that Sai had helped several of Roberto’s family members who’d all been very overweight to lose all of their excess body fat

Improve their health markers and become far more energetic and young-looking.

Roberto’s uncle was 60 years old and yet people thought he was closer to 40…

Maybe you didn’t know this but Mexico has a very high rate of obesity and a diabetes type 2 epidemic, almost on a par with the US.

The mystery was, how did every single one of these overweight and sometimes diabetic villagers who attended Sai’s sessions…

Then lose every single pound of that weight and become so slim, strong, energetic and healthy and keep the weight off? What was he doing?


Roberto told me that Sai held “relaxation sessions” where people sat in groups in a quiet room, with peaceful music, and Sai would speak gently to them for just a few minutes.

They did this once a day for a week or two and would start to lose weight within 24 hours after the first session!

Do they follow some special diet and exercise program? I asked Roberto.

Absolutely not. Was his answer.

Diets and exercise are a total waste of time and never worked for any of these good people…

Sai’s method is something completely different.

Immediately I was energized. This sounded unusual to me, but I was excited and open to finding out more.

After my day was over at 6pm, I started to head over to the villages with Roberto to find Sai.

I had to somehow help Angela to save her marriage and possibly her life as soon as possible.

Roberto took me towards the highest of the villages. And just 10 minutes later I was at Sai’s front door.

Sai was a tall guy, younger than I was expecting, with bright eyes and a friendly, welcoming smile.

He put me at ease right away.

Sai spoke perfect English and told me that it was because he’d got a scholarship to attend the university of Cambridge, England and achieved a master’s degree in psychology.

The more I spoke to Sai, the more I realized he was a very smart guy.

I told him why I was volunteering in Mexico: I’d heard about what he did and I wanted to see what he was doing to help so many people become so healthy.

And when I told him about my sister in law Angela and how it was so difficult to help her lose weight…

And how her life and family were in grave danger of collapsing, Sai wanted to help.

And it was what he told me next which has since changed the lives of thousands of people…

Something that I now consider to be ultimately, the holy grail of weight loss...

Listen carefully to what I’m about to reveal.

Sai not only had a degree in psychology, he was also a qualified hypnotherapist.

He’d been using his skills in both psychology and his knowledge of hypnotherapy to help people to lose weight with his group sessions.

And when I say hypnotherapy, I’m not talking about hypnosis that you may see on stage or on a TV show.

Hypnotherapy is a subliminal therapeutic method that has helped millions of people to improve their performance, become healthy, give up smoking and overcome fears.

The medical benefits of using hypnotherapy for health have been documented and are used in many hospitals around the world.

In fact, you only need use hypnotherapy if you choose to.

Nobody can use it on you against your will, that’d be impossible. It’s perfectly safe and effective.

Heck, I knew about hypnotherapy. Just a few years earlier, my sister had moved to Australia.

My sister had a deep-rooted fear of spiders and bugs.


If you know about Australia, you might know the spiders over there are huge, sometimes dangerous, and the bugs can be enormous and scary.

However, with just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, my sister overcame her fear of spiders and bugs permanently.

This meant she could take care of her kids’ safety too.

I had several friends who’d managed to permanently drop their 30-year smoking habits with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

It was as though they turned a corner in their life and no longer craved cigarettes. I was very impressed.

My own Mom managed to fix her motion sickness and migraine problems with just 4 sessions of hypnotherapy.

With hypnotherapy, you just relax for a few minutes, listen and take in what the hypnotherapist says. It’s that simple!

And you’re awake and aware the whole time, just relaxed.

But could this remarkable method be used for weight loss? I wasn’t so sure.

What Sai knew was that your unconscious mind may contain deep seated irrational fears just like my sister had about spiders and bugs.

And he also knew that your subconscious mind can contain deeply rooted beliefs

One example is when your subconscious mind may believe that habits like overeating and eating foods that cause weight gain serve an essential purpose

That they are important “tools” for helping you to function in some way, or even to survive.

And if a small part of your subconscious mind believes that overeating, eating fattening foods or not exercising are important for some reason…

It’s going to be almost impossible for you to stick to any kind of diet, exercise plan or healthy habit!

He said a lot of people have these deep-rooted beliefs in their subconscious mind without even being aware of it…

They believe that eating too much is somehow useful and necessary to their survival, or that it’s simply a way to deal with difficult emotions that they may have.

He gave me some common examples of people that came to see him talked about:

  • They’d been using food to increase feelings of comfort.
  • They’d been eating to decrease feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, or other emotions.
  • Some of them were using weight gain to keep distance between themselves and others, especially with regard to intimate relationships.
  • Some were associating good times with calorie-dense, sugary, fatty, or processed foods.
  • Some were using fattening foods as rewards for achievement.
  • And some would eat as a defense against fear they would fail if they tried to lose weight.

And all of these deep associations are rooted far below our consciousness. We’re not even aware of them.

This blew my mind.

I’d thought for years that overweight people just needed to be more disciplined, exercise a few times a week and stick to their diets…how wrong was I?

And who was spreading these lies to the unsuspecting public?

Think about it. Conventional advice on weight loss all focuses on diet and exercise. Everyone knows that.

Yet I was to find out that number of studies now clearly show that…

Diets fail for 95% of people!

And still, the weight loss industry and the government keep on pushing them as the only solution.

And here we are, obesity and diabetes rates in the world are now higher than they’ve EVER been in history.

If the official advice on weight loss really worked, do you really think we’d have more overweight people than we’ve ever had in the whole history of mankind?

Of course we wouldn’t.

You’ve been LIED to. We’ve all been lied to.

The real key to losing weight and being healthy is rooted in your mind.

And that’s why following the latest diet or drinking some fat-burning drink every day is failing millions of people….

What’s more the weight loss industry even desperately pushes a group of veggies called nightshade vegetables such as eggplant and tomatoes on people trying to lose weight – yet these veggies have been proven to cause inflammation, bloating and indigestion in people.

In their quest to mislead you, they’ll happily give you advice that makes you sicker and more bloated than before in the hope that you’ll buy their products again and again…

See, the truth is….

Sai told me that the people who came to see him did not have problems with their bodies. They weren’t lazy or greedy.

They weren’t overweight or obese because of their genetics or because they didn’t exercise.


It wasn’t their fault.

It was all down to their emotional state and the messages rooted in their subconscious minds that were directing their behavior.

He said that when people came to see him he’d get them to sit or lie down and relax...

While he’d use some key phrases and suggestions that he’d learned during his psychology and hypnotherapy studies…

And this would usually be enough to fix their weight loss problems permanently.

He explained some more…

While they were fully relaxed, he used a series of positive suggestions to fully enhance their emotional and mental state…

Free them of the irrational deep messages they had in their minds which were causing weight gain…

And replace them instead with positive, healthy suggestions instead.

Now for 95% of the people that came to see him, nothing but sitting there and listening to his words for a few minutes…

Caused them to reduce their stress levels, increase their energy, stabilize emotions, improve deep sleep and most of all…

Stopped them overeating and stopped the cravings for foods that made them gain weight!

And these people were fully conscious when they were with him; they weren’t in a hypnotic trance.

Sai just relaxed them enough to be receptive to his positive suggestions.

But I wanted to find out more.

Why does your subconscious mind act this way I asked him?

Why are so many millions suddenly suffering from these emotional eating habits and deep-rooted messages…


That cause them to gain weight and put their lives in danger of a sudden stroke, heart attack or diabetes type 2?

And why have obesity levels suddenly increased so fast over the last 20 years? Is it because of the bad foods for sale at the supermarket?

NO, he told me. Lots of those supposedly bad foods like pizza and ice cream aren’t even that bad for you. Some are even good for you.

Sai’s theory was that the weight loss industry secretly KNOWS that the deceptive methods they push on millions of unsuspecting folk are destroying metabolism and creating emotional instabilities in millions of people….

Leading to unexplained anxiety, stress, cravings, even depression…

And that the weight loss industry doesn’t care, because they need us to stay as overweight as possible.

Because when we get slim and healthy, they lose money.

The big weight loss players deliberately craft their weight loss methods specifically so that they result in temporary weight loss at best.

Because they know that if they do that, people will come back and buy their fake weight loss solutions again and again and again…

Later that night thinking about Sai’s research, I decided that seeing those thousands of people whose lives he’d saved through helping them lose their dangerous excess fat was great….

But was there any actual proof to that this mind method really worked for weight loss?

I got to work and spent 4 hours a night researching medical studies for a full week.

I know how to research pretty well as my profession requires it.

I found that psychology and hypnotherapy methods for losing weight and improving health go decades back and in fact…

They’re far more effective than any other weight loss method known.


The first study I found, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, divided 109 people into two groups for a 9-week study.

The members of the first group were treated with changes in diet and exercise habits - the way to lose weight that we all know - but without the addition of hypnotherapy.

The participants in the second group were given the same diet and exercise treatment and were also provided hypnotherapy.

After 9 weeks, both groups lost weight due to the changes in diet and exercise while under supervision.

What happened after the 8-month and 2-year follow-ups might surprise you:

The group that did not have hypnotherapy did not lose any more weight, and, in fact, most gained most of their weight back.

The hypnotherapy group, however, continued to lose weight during both intervals, and the studies showed that every single one in the hypnosis group met their long-term weight-loss goals.

The most important thing to realize is that the hypnosis group continued their healthy habits for the rest of their lives

While the non-hypnosis group quickly reverted to their old habits and started craving foods that made them gain weight.


The next study, published in the “Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,” investigated the effects of hypnosis in weight loss for 60 females at least 20% overweight.

The group was split into 2 groups with both groups being given weight-loss behavioral treatments and counselling and again, just 1 of the groups using hypnotherapy.

The group using hypnotherapy lost an average of 17 pounds at the follow up.

The group that did not receive hypnosis only lost half a pound.

Overall, in the studies of hypnosis versus no hypnosis the average short-term weight loss was 6 pounds for those not using hypnosis and nearly 12 pounds with hypnosis.

And listen to this: over the long term the average weight loss without hypnosis remained at 6 pounds, but with hypnosis it jumped to nearly 15 pounds

Indicating again that the effects of hypnosis seem to continue over time…for good!

What is great about these results is that people are losing anywhere from about 2 to on average 16 and a half times more weight when using hypnosis than when they do not use it!

That was great news! How would you like to lose 15 to 20 pounds or more, and keep it off for good?

It seemed pretty clear to me that hypnotherapy techniques worked better than anything else for weight loss!


I’ll admit, I was surprised I had hadn’t realized this before so I looked for examples of real life people that use this powerful subliminal method, and here’s what I found:

First, I found that there are plenty of TV and movie celebrities that use it…some of them secretly.


TV presenter Ellen Degeneres, singer Britney Spears, British singer Adele, Hollywood actors Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashton Kutcher and Ben Affleck all managed to quit smoking using hypnotherapy.


Then there were others that used it to improve confidence and career performance such as Sylvester Stallone, soccer star David Beckham and record-breaking golfer Tiger Woods.

Then, I saw that there were some stars who you may know who’d used hypnotherapy to lose weight.

Famous Black Eyed Peas singer-songwriter Fergie used hypnotherapy to blast away unwanted body fat and drop a few dress sizes.


Lilly Allen, the British singer, well known for her up and down weight problem successfully blasted away her excess fat and stays slim for good with the help of the hypnotherapy that she did years ago.

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Actor Orlando Bloom who you may know from The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit got rid of his dangerous chocolate addiction using hypnotherapy.

Famous Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell, another one whose weight problems were well known lost 20 pounds with the help of hypnotherapy and has since kept it off permanently.

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Attractive Hollywood actress Olivia Munn credits her lean, athletic body to hypnotherapy!


How about Sarah Ferguson, former member of the British royal family?

Her weight problems were well known by the tabloid press.

She was even unkindly called the Duchess of Pork after the birth of her 2 kids.


And yet she successfully used hypnotherapy to shed all of her excess weight and get her slim beautiful body back in just a couple of months.

If you still need convincing, have a look at this lady that British newspaper Daily Express reported on recently.

She lost a whole 70 pounds of weight using self-hypnosis after gaining weight while pregnant.

Now she’s happy, slim and confidently strolls down the beach in her new bikini. And her husband is over the moon.

So Sai’s hypnotherapy sessions were working for a good reason.

He was using the most successful weight loss method known to man!

And this was where it all clicked into place for me:

Sai’s subliminal suggestions during his relaxation sessions were helping to improve emotional stability…

Reprogramming bad eating habits, such as snacking on sweet treats and overeating – and eliminating cravings

And this would help people stay on track and get results much faster

As they wouldn’t be eating foods that disrupted their body, brain and emotions!

Now I understood how this method was far, far more effective than anything I’d ever seen.

And some of the guys he was treating were still eating their favorite foods such as pizza and ice cream, and staying slim and young looking.

That’s when a light bulb lit up in my head!

If only I could save Angela’s life with this! How great would that be?

I’d pay for her flight to go and sit at these sessions. I’d do whatever it took.

I called Angela first thing the next day, excited by what I was going to tell her.


First of all, I told her about Sai’s method and the miracles it was working on the health of thousands of people.

“We’re going to save you with this.” I said. “You’re going to be slim, beautiful and young-looking. Jeff will fall in love with you all over again!”

“I’m booking you on the next flight over here.”

But Angela had just spent the night in hospital and the doctor’s words were fresh in her ears.


The doctor had told her than under no circumstances was she allowed to fly.

Not only was she high risk for a heart attack and pre-diabetic with high blood pressure, in her condition she’d be at risk of stroke, too.

I urgently had to figure something out to save her.

I went back to see Sai again.

“No problem Sam, I can give you the full script of exactly what to say to get results.”…Sai told me right away.

“You have to record it then she can play back it to herself every day. It will work.

“If it’s to save lives I’d be happy to do so. “

And not only did Sai give me his subliminal scripts for losing weight he also gave me the complete package for targeting any kind of weight loss you can imagine, which I’ll go into in just a minute.

I was so happy I couldn’t wait to share this with Angela.

Heck, maybe it’d work for all those yo-yo dieting patients had who managed to lose weight only to come back 6 months later, heavier than before.

So when I got back home I got to work.

First up, I had hypnotherapy scripts reviewed by a professional certified hypnotherapist here in the USA.

Then I recorded the scripts using a professional studio and a voice actor with a relaxing voice.

I added the same soothing music that Sai played during his relaxation sessions.


I put together the audio tracks for Angela. All she’d have to do is sit back and listen to them.

She could listen on her phone or just stream them on her computer or her home stereo.

Then I sent the audio hypnosis program to Angela, who started using it right away.

For a few days, I didn’t really have time to think about it. I was back home and busy with work as well as catching up with my family.

It wasn’t until 11 days later that I managed to catch up with Angela in person.

Angela opened the door and hugged me right away. I could feel tears streaming down her face. She was crying.

“What’s wrong Angela?” I remembered how when we last spoke her husband had said he was leaving her. Maybe he’d packed his bags and gone?


But then I realized Angela wasn’t upset, she was crying tears of joy!

I felt the sensation of pure happiness and relief you can only get by helping somebody in need overwhelm me and a tear came to my eye, and rolled down my cheek.

Angela was noticeably thinner!

She’d already shed 9 pounds in 11 days!

She said she felt lighter in her clothes, her waist had already shrunk several inches and she had lots of energy.

She was delighted. Her eyes were brighter, her skin looked smoother already and she said her digestion and energy were better than they had been in years.

Then I told her to listen to the recordings for the next six weeks, and we’d see if she kept losing pounds by the day. I didn’t want to get our hopes too high just yet.

But I was blown away just 5 weeks later when I saw the rapid change in Angela’s body.

Changes such as radiant skin, a drastic reduction in her belly fat, and noticeably, she’d lost weight from her neck and face.

She looked ten years younger. I realized that Angela was beautiful.

She no longer had to take any risky high blood pressure medication or cholesterol pills…

And on the 6th week of using Sai’s plan, she discovered she lost a whopping 37 pounds.


By this time, Jeff had also started to follow the same simple, effortless method and managed to flatten his belly, boost his male energy and regain his youthful looks in just 3 weeks….

And guess what? Jeff and Angela were in love again!

To see any person’s life can change right before my very own eyes gave me so much confidence that this formula worked…

I was soon teaching this method to all of my patients who were tired of failing with their diets.

Each and every day, people who needed this breakthrough were saving themselves.

I also shared it with friends, family, friends of friends and so on…

The weight loss success stories just kept growing, and growing, and growing.

Thousands of men and women each night were all dropping pounds quicker than anyone had ever seen before…

Rejuvenating their health, and restoring their energy levels back to where they were in their mid-20's.

The next few weeks I reached out to medical institutions that I thought may be able to help.

But I was met with a strange silence or outright refusal to publish the findings, over and over again.

But I simply had to get the word out to the public and to the millions who had dangerous toxic fat sitting around their abdominal area.

I finally accepted that my only real option was to take this to the public myself and create a fully organized, easy to follow, total weight loss blueprint…

The same Sai had given to me, but better!

I packaged the entire weight loss course into 5 powerful audio tracks that you can easily listen to at home when relaxing, on your phone or on your tablet or computer, or on your home stereo.

It’s ready for you to get started now!

We’ve named this guide Flat Belly Revelation and out of the 53,185 others who have tried it for themselves, the average first-month weight-loss is 18 pounds.

Introducing…Flat Belly Revelation

Here is what you’ll be getting in Flat Belly Revelation:


Part 1 is the Stay Slim Forever Motivation program.

This session helps you to deeply relax and absorb motivational suggestions to stay on track to beat your cravings, be more active, eat healthier foods and to enjoy staying slim.


Part 2 is the Super Slim Body program.

In Super Slim Body, we help you to create a positive image of your future self, slim, strong, very healthy and pain free, all the way through your life, so you can make this become reality.


Part 3 is the Beat Emotional Eating program.

For emotional eaters, which is up to 85% of you, this program helps to calm your stress, stabilize emotions and be positive, to stop using food as a way of dealing with your emotions.

And guess what, as my way of saying thanks to you for signing up you’ll get these 2 awesome bonus programs

To help boost your weight loss results even faster and to get that beautiful, sculpted physique that you dream of.


Part 4 is Stop Sugar Cravings program.

Let’s face it; most of us crave sweet foods. The problem is when we crave them too much!

The good news is you can destroy these sweet sugar cravings for good after a few listens to this session.

Part 5 is Super Healthy Cooking habits program.


Enjoy healthy, delicious food every night and stay on track to a slim body without any extra effort.

And guess what, because I want to make this the best weight loss solution there has ever been, I even went to see a Doctor I know because back from when we worked as fitness instructors when we were younger. His name is Doctor Richard Cohen.

Doctor Cohen specializes in longevity and using nutrition and lifestyle in disease prevention and is years ahead of his time.

I knew he’d be able to help me formulate the best nutrition plan to reverse inflammation…

The condition that’s causing millions of us to bloat after eating, to suffer from arthritis, brain fog and even depression

That causes us to crave the wrong foods and suffer from emotional instability and that’s causing weight gain in millions of members of the public.


Doctor Cohen was more than happy to help and put together an amazing yet easy to follow anti-inflammation guide

You can finally get relief from your arthritis pains, sleep better, never get bloated after eating again…

And enhance your digestion, memory, concentration and mood.

I’ll show you the quickest way to boost your energy so you feel vibrant and alive.


We also included a free anti-aging recipes e-book with 100 different awesome, healthy, delicious meals

So you can easily pick and choose which delicious anti-aging recipes you want to follow on which day.

Don’t even think! Just follow the recipes.

Discover how to tone up and add lean muscle.

Feel more self-confident, have more pride, and show off your toned arms while you're at it.

Find out how to boost your libido with nutrition and exercise.


Find out how to get your body burning fat around the clock - even while sleeping!

You’ll get a quick start guide with the full 30 day schedule so you can lose as much weight as you like over the next month.

You’ll know exactly when to use the programs for the most efficient fat melting you can imagine.

Even if you want to lose 30 pounds or more and feel ten years younger in the first month.


Everything is laid out for you in an easy to follow step-by-step guide. Everything is so easy to understand.

Just think, all you’ll have to do is sit back and listen to these audio tracks for a few minutes each night and follow some simple nutrition guidelines to lose weight!

Your subconscious mind and your body will do the rest for you

This is what people like Susan from near Atlanta, Georgia did, who lost 26 pounds in the first month.


And Fred from Texas who lost 14 pounds in four weeks. His confidence has been restored, and his sex drive is now through the roof.


It is important to understand that Flat Belly Revelation isn't just about fixing your problems in the short term

With Flat Belly Revelation, you will keep all your weight off for good with brand new habits and rejuvenate your body rapidly, all in this easy to follow guide.

The best part is there is no calorie counting, strict dieting, or other complicated rules you have to follow.

As a free bonus, I’ve added have 3 easy to follow helpful videos by Doctor Cohen, guaranteed to help you lose belly fat fast, which I will include today for free!

These 3 step-by-step video guides will help you get rid of several inches of belly fat from around your waist.

Are you ready to lose 37 pounds like Angela ?

Flat Belly Revelation will set you on the right path, stabilizing your body, your emotions and your habits.


There is absolutely nothing like Flat Belly Revelation out there, and all you have to do is listen to the audio tracks each night to energize your subconscious to make your body lose weight.

With Flat Belly Revelation there’s no need to take any pills or medications, and you don’t have to do an extreme workout in the gym.

All you need to do is listen to the audio tracks every night for the first week, then every other night for a few weeks more. If you skip a day it doesn’t matter.

Consider also that this method took many hours of research and came at a very high cost to produce, and it should be clear why we first thought about charging several hundred dollars when bringing it to the public.

After all, that’s less than what it would cost you to get hypnotherapy to lose weight or to consult a nutritionist.

It’s also much less than a few sessions of hard exercise with a personal fitness trainer.

You will now be equipped with a highly effective method that can extend your life and slow down your aging process.

$297 for this program is an absolute bargain. Hundreds of people have emailed me daily telling me I should have charged a lot more for this program, but for me, it’s not about the money.

Flat Belly Revelation is the system that has now saved the lives of many regular men and women around the world, now in over 30 countries.

I wouldn’t feel right charging that much for a system that saved Angela and the lives of so many people.

That is why I flat refuse to charge this price, and you will not have to pay anywhere close to $297 to get a copy of Flat Belly Revelation System today.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay $197.

Instead, when you commit to Flat Belly Revelation System today, you will be vowing to save your life while restoring your health and energy.

This system can help you for the next 20, even 30 years from now and all I am asking for is a very low

$197 $97 $37 investment

img img

This will help cover the maintenance cost of running this website.

Now, I am sure you’re ready to get started today, and you probably agree this offer is of great value to you.

After all, it’s only the price of a couple tickets to the movies and it could change your life forever.

If you are ready to make a commitment to save your life today by using a step-by-step, simple formula which is backed by medical studies to lose weight while restoring your energy levels, act now by clicking the order button below.

Right after that, you will be taken to our secure checkout page that will look like this.

You get full, immediate access to Flat Belly Revelation so you can start to shed weight, gain energy, and look and feel 10 to 20 years younger.

Remember, you get access to the full subliminal system to melt away belly fat, the 30-day quick start guide, Dr. Cohen’s guide to reversing inflammation and even some other free surprise bonus programs inside.

Everything you need to get started to change your body and your life.

You can access all of it in the next few minutes and start slimming from tonight.

Everything is downloadable right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone so you will not need to wait for weeks for your materials to arrive in the mail and you can use the system wherever you are.

On a trip? No problem. At work? That’s ok too. Use it wherever you are.

The total body transformation and the blueprints to revitalizing your health are just seconds away, and all it takes is one single click of a button, so go ahead and give this a try now.

You can download all the materials instantly or even print out the nutrition guide if you wish and follow the easy to use the system just minutes from now.

If you are still feeling unsure and questioning if this will work for you or not, there is one other thing I should probably tell you.

Your small investment today is covered by a 100 percent, 60-day Money Back Guarantee


If you're not 100 percent happy with the results you get from using Flat Belly Revelation Program, let me know, and you get back every penny.

If you're ready for a new body, a new life and a new you, it starts with taking that first step to making the change.

With just a few minutes of relaxing to these audio tracks a night, you can stabilize your emotional eating, develop new positive habits and feel great about yourself.

I have thousands of success stories of people just like you who struggled with losing weight; diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea…

Who suddenly saw their health restored and their illnesses completely disappear in as little as 30 to 60 days or less.

You can try this system out for a full 60 days and if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied; I will instantly refund the money you invested with no questions asked.

That is the level of confidence I have in this system for you.

I am taking all of the risks here, and you are obtaining all of the benefits, and that is fine, this is about starting a new, happy life, full of vitality, confidence and inner strength.

And if by some rare chance you are not completely satisfied, I don't want a penny from you.

The decision should be easy for you, but I can’t guarantee this site will be up for much longer. Get started now by Clicking below.


Since releasing Flat Belly Revelation system to the public some weight loss industry heavyweights are trying to shut this site down

as it could affect their powerful dishonest methods of taking advantage of well-meaning people.

Players like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and others have been taking advantage of you for years and they don’t want anyone to find out the truth, that the real cause of weight loss is actually in your mind.

But that doesn’t have to stop you from getting your hands onto this right now.

If you are ready to stop starving yourself, stop wasting your life at the gym, stop taking and paying for expensive medication…

Then you must act now by clicking the button you see below.


There are only a few seconds left to act on this once in a lifetime life-changing opportunity that is backed by a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

If you are ready to get back to years of perfect health, this is a decision that only you can choose.

Just know if you come back here tomorrow, you may find that Flat Belly Revelation is not available anymore. And that is your choice.

It’s up to you, but just remember when you are doing those hard workouts that ruin your joints or another useless diet that you know you’ll give up after a few weeks.


Are you going to keep yo-yo dieting? Losing weight only to gain it back a few weeks later?

How about feeling fatigued?

Don’t you know that studies reveal that 95% of diets fail? It’s time to stop!

Today you could decide to do nothing at all and let your health remain at risk.

It took Angela a brutal attack in her own home, the brink of divorce and a heart attack scare to realize that she had to act immediately.

I don’t want that to happen to you; I want you to be able to see your kids and grandkids grow up.

Dieting and conventional methods have been failing people for years…

Which is why I suggest that you click the button below now to try Flat Belly Revelation for yourself right now.

The choice is yours; I just hope you make the right one. I wish the best of health to you and your family.

Thank you for reading this and get started by clicking the button below.


Are you still here? I know we have covered a lot in this presentation and you still may have some questions.

To make everything simple, I went ahead and took a few seconds to answer some common questions people have asked me about Flat Belly Revelation.

Have a question? I'll probably answer it in this FAQ. - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: It is safe to use hypnotherapy audio files to lose weight?

A: Yes, it’s perfectly safe as long as you’re not driving or doing anything that requires concentration.

I’d recommend you relax and lie on the couch or on your bed. Lots of people like to listen to the audio tracks at night while relaxing.

Q: What type of results can I expect in the first seven days?

A: Most people benefit from more positive and calm emotions, a reduction in stress and less comfort eating.

We’ve had many people have great success getting cravings under control, becoming more active and eating better foods without even having to make any effort.

Q: Will Dr Cohen’s guide to beat inflammation help me a lot?

A: The foods that many people are eating daily can cause gut inflammation and contain synthetic additives.

This can affect your mood and emotions, cause cravings and can prevent you from absorbing enough nutrients.

When you follow Dr. Cohen’s advice to reverse inflammation while following the powerful subliminal audio tracks, you can stabilize both your digestion and emotions and boost your weight loss results even faster.

The biggest benefit is that your digestion becomes much smoother. Lots of people enjoy being completely pain free too.

Q. What happens after I click add to cart?

A. Once you click on the order Button that is right below this video, you will be taken to our secure checkout page.

Just put in your information, and you will be receiving instant access within seconds to the entire Flat Belly Revelation system.

You can print out all the material or read on your computer, tablet or phone.

You can download the audio tracks to your computer, or even your phone to listen to them on your headphones or speakers when you like.

Q. Why do you offer a 100 percent money back guarantee?

A: I’m very confident that the program will be successful for you

I also believe that having satisfaction guaranteed shows that you can trust me fully from the moment you click on the order button below and enter your information

you will get a full 60-day money back guarantee to try our system out.

If you are unhappy with anything whatsoever, even if you change your mind, we will promptly refund you everything you paid with no questions asked.

Simply send an email to [email protected] and we will take care of your refund.

Q. How long will this program remain on the internet?

A: I don’t know. I am already getting pressure from big players in the weight loss industry to take this video down immediately.

If you are ready to change your life quickly, you should act right now.

Q. I am ready to change my life forever by losing weight, getting rid of my chronic illnesses, and restoring my energy. What should I do?

A. Just click the order button below, get the complete Flat Belly Revelation system, and be protected by a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and you have the opportunity to restore your entire life, just by giving it a try.

Click the order button below to activate and get started now.